A Story of Excellence & Innovation

Since 1992 we have been making complex mechanical parts for industries requiring the utmost precision and quality.

Why choose Telemeccanica?

We carry out precision mechanical processes using certified, high-quality materials and reliable, cutting-edge machinery, in keeping with technological developments in the field.
The Technical and Quality Control Departments work together to improve our technological processes and create a high-quality product which meets standards and customer specifications. Our company’s quality standards have been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 compliant since 2009. Quality Control is equipped with a variety of gauges, plugs and threaded flanges, along with comparators and data output instruments.

Our Achievements

Our products go from a diameter of 1 to 350, ranging from martensitic steel to yellow alloys, from the most complex geometric shapes to the highest levels of precision. Flexible, versatile and dynamic, we apply a high-efficiency approach in responding to client and market needs, reducing errors and waste to a minimum whilst investing in ongoing improvements to our processes.


Quality Control:
Precise and Reliable

Flexible and Interchangeable

Customised Processes and Services